International Men’s Day: Indian Men Demand “Right to Life” and “Peaceful Existence”

by OldSailor on November 20, 2011


international_mens_day_november_19_logoNow time has come to highlight International Men’s Day if we need men as seafarers. It is celebrated on November 19th of the year.

This year’s theme is “Giving Boys The Best Possible Start In Life”.

In India, men demand “right to life” and “peaceful existence”.

What are their demands ?

Here are the demands as listed in their website “International Men’s Day, Nov 19th”

  • Change in the attitude that injustice to men gives justice to women.
  • Create a Men’s Welfare Ministry with the mandate to look into the welfare of men and boys.
  • Make dowry law (Section 498a) bailable, and non-cognizable, which is overdue since last 8 years.
  • Remove all sections of Domestic Violence Act that contradicts civil procedure code and make it gender neutral.
  • Introduce stringent laws to punish women who file false cases to harass husbands and their families.
  • Introduce legal provisions for protection of men from threats, abuse, blackmail and intimate terror by women.
  • Make all Anti-Male laws gender neutral.
  • Overhaul all maintenance laws to ensure that maintenance to a woman is based on the tenure of cohabitation and also based on the earning potential of that woman.
  • Introduce stringent laws to enforce visitation and custody rights of men.
  • Create Separate State Commission for Men (SCM) and helpline to counsel suicidal men.
  • Remove the ban on men to contest in panchayat and municipal elections that has been imposed in certain constituencies so as to maintain free and fair elections, one of the basic principles of democracy.
  • Amend all relevant laws to remove presumptions and give judiciary the freedom to apply its mind.

The above demands are very genuine considering the fact that Indian Society has changed a lot. 

Here are some interesting messages, as images:

Dynamics of Misandry: as seen by the present Indian Society, Media, and Law Makers.


Men’s Demand in Tamil


Download and read as pdf – Equality for Men: Myth or Reality

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