How AirTel DTH Cheats Customer to Upgrade to HD Recorder?

by OldSailor on June 30, 2011


cheatThough this post is not related to marine topic, I’m compelled to post this so that customers can be aware of AirTel DTH in India. What AirTel DTH says in their website/newspaper advertisements is not practically followed by AirTel DTH. Here is my bad experience with AirTel DTH.

I wanted to upgrade my AirTel DTH from HD (High Definition) to HD Recorder version. Recorder helps to record a specific program and watch it peacefully later as convenient. This is a very useful feature for me as I can record marine related programs from Discovery, National Geographic, other channels and watch later as convenient.

Installing AirTel DTH:

  • January 2009: I installed AirTel DTH SD (Standard Definition) by paying INR 2550.00.
  • August 2010: Later upgraded to HD DTH by paying INR 2265.00 (there was no HD Recorder DTH available that time).
  • June 02, 2011: After seeing an upgrade offer from the website of AirTel DTH, I contacted them through phone and paid INR 3990.00 through IVR (Interactive Voice Response); I was informed that my DTH would be upgraded to HD Recorder within 2 days.

Here is the website offer (zoomed) to upgrade to HD Recorder


Here are website offer (full page) and newspaper advertisement to upgrade to HD Recorder (click to enlarge)

AirTel_DTH_Cheat_Customers_Upgrade_HD_Recorder_2 AirTel_DTH_Cheat_Customers_Upgrade_HD_Recorder_3

How I was cheated by AirTel DTH:

June 03, 2011: In the morning, I received a SMS from Airtel DTH that my DTH would be upgraded; in the afternoon, I received a call from the installation team that my HD DTH can not be upgraded and upgrade offer is only available for AirTel DTH SD customers.

Here is the e-mail that I sent immediately to Airtel.


June 04, 2011: The reply received by me from AirTel.


June 09, 2011: As there was no further response from AirTel, here is my first reminder to AirTel.


Instead of replying regarding the progress of installation, same day AirTel wanted my alternate telephone number to speak to me. Even after providing my alternate telephone number, they never spoke to me.

June 13, 2011: Here is my second reminder to AirTel.


June 14, 2011: Here is the reply received by me from AirTel (reply simply denies that there is no such offer from AirTel to upgrade; does not talk about INR 3990.00 paid to them for upgrade)


Same day I replied AirTel regarding the upgrade offer provided by them (no reply has come for this from AirTel till now):


June 15, 2011: Meanwhile, the local installation team gave me the following only option to upgrade.

  • I install DTH HD Recorder as a second connection against the payment made by me; later I have the option to surrender the DTH SD (first connection) as not required.

I agreed for the same. HD Recorder DTH was installed in the morning on June 15, 2011. I was told by the installation engineer that the activation of the HD Recorder would be done within few hours. In anticipation, I asked the installation engineer to disconnect my SD DTH and he promptly disconnected also.

As the HD Recorder DTH was not activated even by 1900 hours (on June 15), I called up the installation team to find out why there is delay in activating my HD Recorder DTH.

  • The installation team informed me that I have to recharge my DTH account with INR 999.00 as activation charges to activate my HD Recorder DTH.
  • Around 1930 hours, I rushed to the nearest AirTel dealer, purchased an Activation Kit for INR 999.00; recharged my DTH account.
  • Even after making additional payment, the whole night the recorder was not activated.

June 16, 2011:

  • Only by 1000 hours, the HD Recorder DTH was activated.
  • Same day I informed AirTel DTH Customer Care to deactivate my first connection (SD DTH Recorder); till deactivation, AirTel DTH would be debiting charges for my first connection also on daily basis.

June 20, 2011: My first connection SD DTH was taken by Airtel team.

June 22, 2011: Officially my first connection (SD DTH) was deactivated (money debited from my DTH was stopped for the first connection).

So the customers have to be very careful in dealing with AirTel DTH. Blindly do not believe their advertisements.

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krishnamurthy February 15, 2012 at 3:37 PM

Dear sir / Madam
I am also verymuch intersted to go for HD recorder. presently i am having HD STB.
After seeing above reviews i am scared, Kindly inform us the procedure to upgrade and price for the same.

krishna s.k June 30, 2014 at 11:44 AM

Airtel always cheat.
The same with mobole service also.
A day before yesterday they announced the scheme to upgrade in 600 rs. Only from dth sd to hd+
but backtracked on contacting customer service executive.
Krish nayar.

Tirupati Rao May 16, 2015 at 12:56 AM

My concern is some what related. In my case they informed me to pay 3990 for hd dvr upgadation from hd stb after installation. The installation was done but the service was not started as i hadn’t made the payment. So i thought of calling airtel and clear all terms n conditions related to my upgradation before making payment. When i spoke to them then they mentioned that for hd dvr connection i need to maintain Minimum package of South Mega or above which starts from 420/- per month. And my present availing pack “South Economy Sports Pack” which is 315/- cannot be clubbed with the recorder. I was shocked with this information as i mailed number of times for information on dvr upgradation before availing the connection and they provide only one information that “3990 includes hd dvr stb, hdmi cable, co axial cable with 1 yr warranty; 23 hd channels free for 1 month; free recording top up” thats it. No hidden information on minimum availing package on hd dvr. I told them to leave me with the previous connection. But they says that upgraded can’t be degraded. And they are forcing me to upgrade my package but they are not degrading my connection. Till now i waited 48 hrs and now they opt me to wait another 72 hrs. I dont know whether ill be getting any positive resolution. Plz guide me in context to this; what should be my further step.

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