Terrorists Strike Pakistan Naval Air Base PNS Mehran

by OldSailor on May 24, 2011


PNS_Mehran_Terrorist_StrikePNS Mehran, the nerve centre of Pakistan’s Naval Air Arm was attacked with an element of surprise by terrorists on the night of May 22, 2011. It took more than 17 hours for the Pakistani security forces to overcome the terrorist attack and to regain control. PNS Mehran is an integrated aviation facility that provides operation, maintenance, training to the Naval Air Arm.

The terrorist attack

  • Four to six terrorists (in the age group of 20 to 25) armed with heavy weapons attacked PNS Mehran base.
  • The weapons used by terrorists include Rocket-Propelled Grenades (RPG) and LMG rifles.
  • Two of the maritime surveillance aircrafts P3C Orion (supplied by U.S) were destroyed in the attack; however the other aircrafts like Sea-kings, Alouette and Chinese-made Z9EC helicopters, Fokker and Atlantic aircrafts were saved from damage.
  • Two terrorists were killed; one terrorist with his suicide jacket blew himself inside the building; two terrorists escaped; no terrorist was captured alive.
  • 17 foreigners inside the base (11 Chinese engineers and 6 American maintenance contractors) were safely rescued.
  • 10 soldiers lost their lives and 15 troops were injured.

About PNS Mehran:

  • First Naval Air Station of Pakistan Navy (commissioned on September 26, 1975) located in Karachi 10 KM from Quaid-e-Azam International Airport.
  • One of the following units operating Commander Naval Aviation (COMNAV), the head of Naval Air Arm
    • Commander Air (Cdr Air) with following squadrons
      • P3C Squadron (28 Sqn)
      • Atlantic Squadron (29 Sqn)
      • Fokker Squadron (27 Sqn)
      • Seaking Squadron (111 Sqn)
      • Alouette Squadron (333 Sqn)
    • Commander Air Engineering Department (Cdr AED): responsible for the maintenance and technical efficiency of all the aircrafts.
    • Commanding Officer MEHRAN (CO MEH): provides all the logistic and administrative support to the aviation units under COMNAV.
    • Officer Commanding Naval Aviation Training School (OC NATS): responsible for all sort of aviation related training of Naval Air Arm.

View a video clip of Associated Press from You Tube: Pakistani Commandos Control Base After Attack.

Read more from The Nation: Navy retakes airbase after 17-hour battle.

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