Indonesia Air Crash into Sea: Quality of Chinese Xian MA60 Aircraft Doubted

by OldSailor on May 9, 2011


Xian_MA_60_Merpati_AirlinesXian MA60 Aircraft of Merpati Nusantara Airlines of Indonesia crashed into the sea near the Kaimana Airport (KNG), West Papua on May 07, 2011. The MA60 turboprop aircrafts are manufactured by Xian Aircraft Industry (Group) Company Ltd of China.

Some tragic information on Xian MA 60 air crash available are:

  • The aircraft (Flight 8968, en route from Sorong) was cleared to approach the KNG’s runway.
  • Weather was reported to be bad with heavy rain and strong winds at the time of approach.
  • The aircraft crashed into the sea just 500 meters from the runway of KNG.
  • The accident took place approximately 1400 hours local time, while the aircraft was circling for around 15 minutes .
  • None of the 27 people (including crew) onboard survived.
  • Most of the bodies of the victims were recovered and search is going on to recover the remaining victims.
  • On May 08, 2011 the flight data recorder of the aircraft was recovered by police divers in good condition.
  • The aircraft had operated just 615 hours and 764 cycles.

The same type of China-made Xian MA 60 aircrafts of Merpati Nusantara Airlines have met with three accidents since 2010. Now the public is speculating whether the Chinese-made Xian MA60 turboprop aircraft was of substandard build quality. National Police has agreed to assist the investigation of this accident by National Committee on Transportation Safety (KNKT) of Indonesia.

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