Navy Seals of US Special Operations Forces Eliminate Terror Chief Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan

by OldSailor on May 2, 2011


pakistan_military_academy_kakulNews media around the world are praising the Navy Seals of US Special Operations Forces (SOF) for eliminating terror chief Osama Bin Laden in a mansion close to Islamabad, the capital of Pakistani.

A small team of SOF carried out a surgical raid of less than 40 minutes by surprise to minimize collateral damage.

Some more interesting features of this operation are:

  • The operation was not informed to Pakistan in advance to avoid the risk of failure.
  • It was a midnight/late night operation on May 01, 2011.
  • Four helicopters with SOF came from Afghanistan.
  • Bin Laden was hiding in a 1 million USD mansion that had 12 to 18 feet walls with barbed wire around the mansion (but the mansion had no telephone or internet connection).
  • The hide out mansion is located very closer to Pakistan Military Academy.

View a video clip from Fox News Video: U.S. Navy SEALs Raided Bin Laden Compound.

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Update: May 06, 2011

Read more from CIA: The Final Chapter in the Hunt for Bin Ladin

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