Varuna 10: Indian Navy and French Navy Exercise is Going On

by OldSailor on January 11, 2011


indian_navy Exercise Varuna 10 (in two phases), by the Indian Navy and the French Navy is going on from January 07, 2011.

Some interesting features of Varuna 10 are:

  • Scope: maritime operations ranging from Aircraft Carrier Operations, Anti Submarine Warfare Exercise and Maritime Interdiction Operations exercises.
  • Harbour phase at Goa: from 07 to 10 January 2011.
  • Sea phase: to be conducted in the Arabian Sea from 11 to 14 January 2011. marine_nationale
  • Participation:
    • Indian Navy: aircraft carrier INS Viraat; frigates INS Godavari, INS Ganga; shishumar class submarine INS Shalki; sea harrier fighters, fixed and rotary wing aircrafts.
    • French Navy (Task Force 473): aircraft carrier Charles De Gaulle (with fighter aircrafts Rafale, Super Etendard; airborne early warning aircraft (E2C Hawkeye) including integral helicopters); destroyers FNS Forbin, FNS Tourville; supply ship FNS Meuse; nuclear powered attack submarine FNS Amethyste.

Here are the photographs of the French Navy ships from the French Navy’s Marine Nationale:

Aircraft carrier Charles De Gaulle R-91


Nuclear powered attack submarine FNS Amethyste.


Standard air defense frigate Horizon: FNS Forbin D-620


Frigate anti-submarine type F67: FNS Tourville D-610


Tanker (PR) type Durance: FNS Meuse A-607


Meanwhile, a French sailor Connery Emile with unruly behaviour was arrested on January 10, for pelting stones at a police patrol party in Goa.

View a video clip from You Tube: French Aircraft Carrier Charles de Gaulle in Goa India

Read more from the press release (pdf doc) from the Indian Navy.

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