Scarlet Knight: First Submersible Robot Glider to Cross Atlantic Ocean

by OldSailor on January 1, 2010


Rutgers_IMCS Scarlet Knight is the first submersible robotic glider to cross the Atlantic Ocean. The glider Scarlet Knight reached the port city of Baiona, Spain on December 09, 2009 by remaining at sea for 221 days to cover a distance of 7,389 km.

Some interesting features of Scarlet Knight are:

  • A joint project by Rutgers University (The Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences) New Jersey and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).
  • The glider was launched on April 27, 2009 off the coast of Tuckerton, NJ and was recovered on December 04, 2009 by MV Investigador of Spain.
  • The glider collected data on ocean temperatures and currents while crossing the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Scarlet Knight is the latest version of Slocum Electric glider series, designed by Teledyne-Webb Research.
  • Also known as RU 27, an advanced version of RU 17.

View amazing photographs of Scarlet Knight recovery in Spain from sea.

View an interesting documentary video clip: Atlantic Crossing – a robot’s daring mission – Dena Seidel

View one more video clip: We are going to fly a glider!

Read more about Scarlet Knight – RU 27.

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