Weekend View: Water or Aqua Ball to Walk on Water in Assam

by OldSailor on December 20, 2009


water_aqua_ballWater Walk sports using water or aqua ball is now in Assam, India to attract locals and tourists.
Some interesting features of water or aqua ball are:

  • is a transparent big ball filled with breathable air (oxygen).
  • the user is free to float, walk, relax on water by remaining inside the floating ball.
  • can be easily set up on any water source like a river, lake or even a swimming pool.
  • ride on an average lasts about 7 minutes per single trip.
  • is made up of a material called TPU (thermoplastic elastic rubber).
  • can take up weight up to 150 kilograms.

It is reported that it is unsuitable for cardiac patients, asthmatics and overweight persons.

View a video clip: Water Walking A New Sport in India

View another interesting video clip: Aqua-ball.

Read more from NTDTV.

Above photograph is from Aqua-ball, and for more details log on to Aqua-ball.

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