B17B Iceberg Disintegrates Trigger Shipping Alert in Australia

by OldSailor on December 16, 2009


iceberg The massive iceberg B17B, that is moving towards Australia triggered a shipping alert on December 11. Now the iceberg has started thinning and slowly disintegrating into more smaller icebergs as the water warms up.

Some information available on B17B iceberg are:

  • B17B calved from the eastern end of the Ross Ice Shelf almost a decade ago, along with several other massive icebergs.
  • Size of the iceberg: 140 square kilometres – 19 km long and 8 km wide, roughly double the size of Sydney harbour.
  • Was spotted 1700 km from southwestern coast, drifting slowly north from Antarctica towards Western Australia.
  • Satellite images from NASA and the European Space Agency were used by Australian Antarctic Division glaciologist, Dr Neal Young to track the movement of iceberg.

Here are some satellite images of iceberg B17B, from Australian Antarctic Division.

Satellite image of iceberg south west from West Australian coast. Taken November 05, 2009.


Satellite image of B17B. Taken December 13, 2009.


View a video clip: Australia Iceberg Alert – Monster iceberg Splitting Apart.

For more details, log on to Australian Antarctic Division.

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