BAE Systems Launches Second OPV Scarborough for Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard

by OldSailor on November 20, 2009


BAE_Systems BAE Systems launched second OPV (Offshore Patrol Vessel) ‘Scarborough’ on November 19 at Clyde for the Trinidad and Tobago Coastguard.

Some interesting features of the OPVs for Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard are:Trinidad_and _Tobago

  • In April 2007, BAE Systems received a £150 million contract to build, integrate, test and commission (up to sea trials) three OPVs for the Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard.
  • The construction of the OPVs was started in January 2008.
  • The OPVs are
    • OPV1: Port of Spain (being constructed at Portsmouth)
    • OPV2: Scarborough (being constructed at Clyde)
    • OPV3: Santa Fe (being constructed at Clyde)
  • The contract also includes providing training to the OPV crew and a five year in-service support package to OPVs.
  • The operational sea training to the Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard crew is being provided by UK Ministry of Defence.

Here is the photograph from BAE Systems: Port of Spain, the first OPV.


View more photographs and read more

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