India: 11th Meeting of Maritime States Development Council (MSDC)

by OldSailor on November 13, 2009


11th_Maritime_States_Development_Council_MSDC_MeetingThe 11th Meeting of Maritime States Development Council (MSDC) was held on November 12. The meeting was presided over by the Union Minister for Shipping, Shri G.K. Vasan at New Delhi and was attended by the representatives of Maritime States, Major Ports, Indian Ports Association, Indian Navy, Coast Guard, DG (Shipping) among others.

The following resolutions were adopted unanimously at the end of the meeting:

  1. All the members of Maritime States would provide data on monthly basis on regular traffic handled by the Ports and on quarterly and annual basis on capacity enhancement achieved, to the Ministry of Shipping as a first step to an integrated planning for exim traffic across the seaboard.
  2. Maritime States that had not yet restructured their port administrations – namely, Kerala, Karnataka, Goa, Orissa and West Bengal would endeavour to form their State Maritime Boards by March, 2010.
  3. Safety norms for passenger boats and barges running/plying in coastal area, backwater and rivers would be reviewed, revised and strictly implemented in consultation with DG(Shipping), Ministry of Shipping.
  4. Priority would be given by all Maritime States to install VTMS in their Ports.
  5. A Committee comprising the Indian Navy, concerned Maritime State, the Members of State Maritime Boards, Coast Guard, State Police, Customs and the Ministry of Shipping be set up for sharing information on Traffic, Port and Ship security related issues. The Committee should hold meetings quarterly to review the security aspect of coastal States. Indian Navy would convene these meetings regularly.
  6. All the Members of MSDC would notify the model rules on the basis of draft rule circulated by DG(Shipping) by 31.3.2010.
  7. In the light of recommendation of the M.S. Swaminathan Committee Report submitted to M/o Environment & Forest, the Maritime States urged that existing projects approved as part of the National Maritime Development Programme (NMDP) and 11th Five Year Plan to create the necessary capacities to handle the projected international trade should be allowed to continue with the requirement that additional measures, if necessary for containment of damage to the coast line if any would need to be implemented.

Read the full press release from Press Information Bureau.

The above photograph, of the Union Minister for Shipping, Shri G.K. Vasan addressing the 11th Meeting of Maritime States Development Council is from Press Information Bureau.

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