Maritime Security Expo 2009 to Discuss After Action Report on Mumbai Attack

by OldSailor on October 19, 2009


maritime_security_expo_2009 The 8th Annual Maritime Security Expo (MSE) 2009 Conference is ready to commence on October 20.

Some interesting features of the two day MSE 2009 Conference are:

  • To be held at Long Beach Convention Center – Long Beach, CA
  • Over 80 speakers are to focus on: Weathering the Perfect Storm – Faltering Economies, Climate Change and Maritime Security Regulations – How do we improve the security and flow of maritime commerce in challenging times?
  • Topics to be discussed
    • Small Vessel Security: What have we learned? What’s next?
    • Underwater Security: Who can respond? What technology can help?
    • Maritime Fusion Centers: Preventing information overload – How do we cut through the clutter to see the threats?
    • Piracy: Prevention and Protection- Government provided or self-help? – What are the challenges and solutions and is the threat spreading beyond the littorals?
    • Anti-Piracy Training and Research: What are the current best practices and how can it be enhanced?maritime_security_expo
    • Piracy: Ship and Crew Captured- now what? Is paying ransom the best answer? - Challenges and solutions to a vexing problem
    • TWIC: Implementation has started- What’s been done, how is it working, does it improve security, and what can be done better?
    • Smuggling: Ensuring cargo integrity before loading and in transit- CSI and long-range vessel tracking – Where are we? What are the challenges? What are the risks and costs? What can technology do to help?
    • Traffic Management: Port closes, where to? – What are the issues, who makes the decisions, and are regulations required?
    • Persistent Surveillance Vehicles- New tool for Maritime Security?
    • Cyber Security & Technology: What are the maritime vulnerabilities? What are the protection strategies?
    • Northwest Passage: What’s happening in the Arctic?
    • Shipping LNG, LPG, Oil: What are future trends, risks, and mitigation options?
    • International Port/Facility Security: Are there too many security redundancies between U.S. and foreign ports? What can be done to create a more effective and efficient international security system?
    • Small and Medium Ports: How much security is required? What can be done to make it affordable?
    • Your Security Patrols- Are they really random? How do you maximize their deterrence value?
    • Security Intelligence: Information received, now what? How do you sanitize and distribute with a feedback loop?
    • After Action Report on Mumbai Attack

This conference meets the California Emergency Management Agency (CalEMA) approval for use of Department of Homeland Security funds.

For more details, log on to 8th Annual Maritime Security Expo.

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