INMEX India 2009 Starts at Mumbai

by OldSailor on September 24, 2009


INMEX_India_2009 INMEX India 2009, a Trade Exhibition and Forum on “Transforming India as a Maritime Hub” starts on September 24 at Mumbai.

Some interesting features of INMEX India 2009 are:

  • On its 10th year, the 6th edition of INMEX India 2009 aims to develop India as a Maritime Hub.
  • Over 400 Indian and international exhibitors are participating.
  • Exhibitors are from: Shipbuilding, Ship repair, Marine offshore technology, Dredging, Ports and port technology, Ocean engineering, Marine equipment, Underwater robotics.
  • Visitors are from: Navy, Coastguard, Port authorities, Government, Shipping companies, Shipbuilding and design, Dredging companies, Offshore and oil rig companies, Cargo handlers, Logistics providers.
  • Also has Round Table Sessions and exclusive B2B meetings:
    • Round Table Session-1: Role of Ports & Logistics in Building a Maritime Hub.
    • Round Table Session-2: Shipping as an Infrastructural Sector of the Maritime Hub.
    • Round Table Session-3: Roadmap for India as a Hub for Ship Building & Equipment Sources.
    • Round Table Session-4: Offshore Services beyond Resource Exploration – An Insight.
    • Round Table Session-5: Profitable Logistics through Costal Shipping & Inland Waterways Infrastructure – The Reality.
    • Round Table Session-6: Regional Maritime Corridors & Maritime Promotion Council – A Unified Strategy in Transforming India as the Maritime Hub of the Future.
  • Exclusive Maritime Workshop – in partnership with Holland Marine Equipment Association & The Royal Government of The Netherlands
    • Session 1: State-of-the-Art Dredging Technologies.
    • Session 2: Sustainable Port Development.
  • Being held at Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai till September 26.
  • Exhibitor list is here.

For more details, log on to INMEX India 2009.

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