India: MV Black Rose Sinks Off Paradip Port

by OldSailor on September 10, 2009


Paradip_Port MV Black Rose, bulk carrier with 27 crew members sank off Paradip port on September 09. All crew members (including Captain Servey Kamarov) except the Chief Engineer were rescued by Coast Guard and port’s rescue team. Though the sunken vessel is not a navigational hazard in the channel, the extent of marine pollution from the vessel is under scrutiny.

Some further information available on Black Rose are:

  • Vessel listed and sank around 1800 hours, while in anchorage about three nautical miles from port’s south break water.
  • Vessel was carrying about 23,847 tonnes of iron ore to China. The cargo was transported by A B Minerals of Kolkata and Rektor Mines of Orissa.
  • Crew: Ukrainians – 7, Russians – 3, Bangladeshis – 17.
  • Oleksander Ilyushchenko, Chief Engineer (Ukrainian national) of the vessel could not be found. It seems the Chief Engineer has sunk with the vessel, while attempting to save the vessel from sinking.

  • Vessel particulars
    • Mongolian flagged, 37,657 dwt
    • length: 187.73 metres
    • beam: 28.4 metres
    • draft: 10.8 metres
  • Information about MV Black Rose from Daily Traffic report of Paradip Port Trust (PPT)
    • September 09 -  Deliberately slow loading for reasons not known.
    • September 10 – Due to emergency rescue operation for MV Black Rose, all vessel movements in the port from 1800 hours on September 09 to 0600 hours on September 10 were affected.
  • Vessel’s agent in India: Sea Trans Private Limited.
  • PPT has ordered an inquiry and Deputy-conservator, the Traffic Manager of the port have been asked to submit a preliminary report on the cause of the mishap.

Read more from The Times of India.

Post in MarineBuzz on this day a year before:

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Update: September 18

Alexandra Ilyushchenko, daughter of missing chief engineer has appealed to rescue her father from the sunken vessel. Read more from Orissa Diary.

Update: September 20

The dead body of Oleksandr Lyushckenko, the chief engineer of Black Rose was retrieved from the ship by cutting the cabin door. Read more from Odisha Today.

Update: September 21

The captain of MV Black Rose had submitted forged insurance papers to anchor in Paradip port and transport iron ore to China. This has come to light only after the vessel has sunk. Read more from The Times of India.

Update: September 22

Minor oil spill reported from the sunken vessel MV Black Rose. The vessel has about 924 tonnes of furnace oil and 48 tonnes of diesel. However Coast Guard has stepped up surveillance and is ready to spray dispersants on the spillage. Read more from The Times of India.

Update: September 24

The clean-up operation of the oil from the sunken vessel will cost in crores of rupees. Read more and view the photograph of the sunken vessel from Hindustan Times.

A team from the shipping ministry is expected to inspect the sunken vessel on September 26. The team members include Capt P Mohan from Mumbai and Capt L K Panda, Principal Officer, Marine and Mercantile Department, based in Kolkata. Read more from The Times of India.

Update: September 27

Paradip port has approached international agencies to attend the sunken Mongolian ship Black Rose as it continues to spill oil. Meanwhile, the sunken vessel in Paradip coast has become a tourist attraction. The five member team has visited Paradip and details of the findings are not disclosed. Read more from The Times of India and The Telegraph.

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