BAE Systems Reveal Anti Sea Piracy Systems

by OldSailor on September 9, 2009


BAE_Systems BAE systems has developed a sophisticated electronic early warning system to combat piracy on the high seas.

Some interesting features of the system revealed during Defence Systems & Equipment International (DSEi) 2009 being held (September 8-11) at London are:BAE_Anti_Sea_Piracy_Systems

  • Utilized its expertise in the defence, security and aerospace sectors to develop the system to detect suspected pirate vessels at a long range of 25 km.
  • Long range detection gives ships crew enough time to take preventive/offensive actions against suspected piracy vessels.
  • The system’s current capabilities include:
    • High Frequency Surface Wave Radar (HF SWR) to detect small boats well beyond the horizon at up to 25 km.
    • Panoramic Area Surveillance System (PASS) 360° video camera and display system for visual identification, movement detection, threat level alarms. Integrating with infra-red systems for detection is also being taken up.
    • Passive Radar Identification System (PRISM) to provide early warning of an unidentified radar carrying vessel.
    • Laser Dome: Improved lighting to increase the likelihood of detecting intruders within the immediate vicinity of the ship at night and act as a deterrent.

Here are some more graphics of Anti Sea Piracy systems from BAE Systems:

HF SWR 300 KM Technology and Blowout

HF SWR 300KM_Technology_1 HF SWR 300KM_Blowout_2

PASS Technology and Blowout.

PASS_Technology_1 PASS_Blowout_2

PRISM Technology and Blowout

PRISM 7KM_Technology_1 PRISM 7KM_Blowout_2

Laser Dome 500 M Technology and Blowout.

Laser Dome 500M_Technology_1 Laser Dome 500M_Blowout_2

Fine tuning of the system is being done by coordinating with major ship owners to assess commercial requirements and security agencies so as to bring out the most effective solution to sea piracy. Technology and capability sea trials are expected to take place in early 2010.

Read more from BAE Systems news release.

All the above images are from BAE Systems – DSEI 2009.

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