ASA to Sponsor Conference: Wrecks of the World – Hidden Risks of the Deep (WOW)

by OldSailor on September 5, 2009


American_Salvage_Association American Salvage Association (ASA) is preparing to sponsor a conference, “Wrecks of the World: Hidden Risks of the Deep (WOW)”.

Some interesting features of this conference are:

  • To be held on September 9, 2009.
  • At: Maritime Institute of Technology and Graduate Studies (MITAGS) in the Washington, DC area (Linthicum Heights, MD) USA.
  • To be supported by
    • Association of Diving Contractors International (ADCI)
    • International Salvage Union (ISU)
    • Marine Technology Society (MTS)
    • Maritime Law Association (MLA)
    • North American Marine Environmental Protection Association (NAMEPA)
    • Spill Control Association of America (SCAA)
    • Maritime Technology Alliance (MTA)
    • World Ocean Council (WOC)
  • Part of the ASA-supported Wreck Oil Removal Program (WORP) from more than 8,500 sunken vessels in the world that may contain around 20 million tons of oil and other hazardous materials.

  • Topics to be discussed are:
    • Public Awareness of Oil Pollution Issues
    • Magnitude of Potentially-Polluting Wreck Problem (Presentations)
    • Oil Removal from Leaking Wrecks (Presentations)
    • Repercussions of a Reactive Strategy and Need for Pro-Active Strategy
    • Assessing Presence of Oil and Probability of Leakage (Presentation)
    • Applying Spill Impact Modeling to Wreck Risk Assessment (Presentation)
    • Cost-Benefit Analyses of Wreck Oil Removal Projects (Presentation)
    • Prioritization of Wrecks for Oil/Chemical Removal (Presentation)
    • Salvage Technological Advances and Challenges
    • Legal and Insurance Liability Issues
    • Funding Issues
    • Next Steps, How Do We Move Forward? (Panel Discussion)
  • MITAGS Training Simulator demonstration

For more details, log on to American Salvage Association.

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