Cocaine Hunting by Royal Navy Frigate HMS Iron Duke

by OldSailor on August 24, 2009


Caribbean HMS Iron Duke of Royal Navy on patrol in the Caribbean, intercepted successfully a cocaine carrying ‘Go-Fast’ boat.The quantity intercepted is approximately 150 kgs and the estimated value of the drugs is £6 million. This is in addition to the seizure of approximately three-quarters of a tonne of cocaine (value over £33 million) by the vessel last month.

Some interesting features of HMS Iron Duke (F 234) on cocaine hunting are:

  • HMS Iron Duke has joined the International Task Force hunting drugs traffickers in the Caribbean region in June.
  • The cocaine hunting is being carried out jointly by US Coast Guard, UK’s Serious and Organised Crime Agency (SOCA), Caribbean Regional Security System.
  • The seizures are mostly conducted at night with the help of onboard Lynx helicopter and sea boat.
  • The frigate last year intercepted drugs worth £45 million, with Prince William embarked.

Here is a photograph from the Royal Navy.

The drug trafficking ‘Go Fast’ boat in front of HMS Iron Duke immediately prior to being boarded, during the operation conducted in July.

IRON DUKE Takes Down "GO FAST" in Caribbean

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