Burquini: Not Permitted in Paris Swimming Pool

by OldSailor on August 14, 2009


Burquini A Paris swimming pool refused entry to a Muslim woman on August 12, for wearing a ‘Burqini’ citing swimming pool rules that swimming is not permitted while clothed. Very valid reason. Swimming pool rules can not be defied and people who want to swim with Burquini may do so in their own private swimming pools.

Some interesting features of Burquini are:

  • Burqa + Bikini = Burquini.
  • An Islamic swim suit in three pieces for females who don’t want to expose their skin.
  • Designed to cover the whole body except face, hands and feet.
  • Looks like a track suit used by athletes than a swimming suit.
  • Available in beautiful vibrant colors as Slim-fit, Modest-fit, Active-fit and for children also.
  • Chlorine resistant, comfortable stretch, SP 50,UV protected.
  • Light Weight, quick dry, does not cling to skin even when wet to avoid revealing body contour.

View Burquini in details, from Bodikini.

View some video clips:

Read more from France 24.

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