Chinese Destroyer Shenzhen Visits Kochi after Somali Anti Piracy Mission

by OldSailor on August 10, 2009


Shenzhen_DDG167 Chinese guided missile destroyer Shenzhen (DDG–167) has entered Kochi on August 08 on goodwill visit on completion of anti piracy mission off Somalia.

Chinese warships are engaged in anti piracy mission in Gulf of Aden off Somalia since January. Chinese warships are  deployed on rotation for this mission. Destroyer Shenzhen was part of second mission and is returning to port of Zhanjiang, China. On return voyage she has entered Kochi for four days.

Some interesting features of Shenzhen’s visit to Kochi are:

  • Commanded by Senior Captain Zhao Chang Sheng of People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN).
  • Has embarked Rear Admiral Yao Zhilou, Deputy Commander of China’s South Sea Fleet.
  • Crew of the ship is expected to visit the Naval Submarine School and the Naval Aeronautical Engineering Academy including sight seeing and sports.

Here are some details on Chinese anti piracy missions off Somalia.

First Escort Mission:

  • Destroyers Wuhan (DDG-169), Haikou (DDG-171) and Supply ship Weishanhu (887) of South China Sea Fleet sailed out on December 26, 2008 from China’s Hainan island.
  • Commenced escort operations off Somalia from January 06.
  • Led by Rear-Adm.Du Jingchen with destroyer Wuhan as the flagship.
  • About 800 crew members, including 70 soldiers from the Navy’s special forces participated in the mission.
  • Both destroyers escorted 179 Chinese vessels, including 73 ships from Hong Kong and nine from Taiwan.
  • Also protected 33 foreign ships and rescued three vessels chased by pirates.
  • Both destroyers returned after four-month escort mission to a naval base at Sanya in the southernmost province of Hainan island on April 28.
  • The supply ship, Weishanhu, continued operations off Somalia.

Second Escort Mission:

  • Destroyer Shenzhen (DDG-167) and Frigate Huangshan (FFG-570) sailed out on April 02 from China to relieve destroyers Wuhan and Haikou.
  • Led by Rear-Admiral Yao Zhilou with Shenzhen as the flagship.
  • Commenced operations from April 16.Chinese_Navy_Fights_Pirates

Third Escort Mission:

  • Guided missile frigates Zhoushan (FFG-529) and Xuzhou (FFG-530) sailed on July 17 to relieve destroyer Shenzhen and frigate Huangshan.
  • Supply ship Qiandaohu was deployed to relieve Weishanhu.
  • Commenced operations from August 01.
  • Female members are also part of this mission.
  • Led by Rear Admiral Wang Zhiguo of East China Sea Fleet.

View some video clips:

Read more from The Hindu and China Military Online.

Above photograph of destroyer Shenzhen is from China Military Online.

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Update: August 11

To view photographs of destroyer Shenzhen’s visit to Kochi, log on to Live Fist: Photos 1, Photos 2.

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