Indian Coast Guard Detains North Korean Vessel off Andaman

by OldSailor on August 8, 2009


indian_coast_guard Indian Coast Guard detained a suspicious ship MV Mu San (initially reported as MV Musen) from the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) on August 06 in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The North Korean vessel was found to be anchored off Hut Bay in Little Andaman without informing Indian authorities.

Some reports available regarding the vessel are:

  • Vessel sailed from Taem Chabang port of Thailand on July 27, with 16,500 tons of sugar to Umm Qasr in Iraq.
  • En route, the vessel entered Singapore on July 30 and left Singapore on July 31.
  • Vessel was found to be anchored in Indian waters off Hut Bay on August 05.
  • Vessel failed to respond when coast guard reconnaissance aircraft approached the vessel.
  • Later when coast guard ship Kanakalatha Barua approached the vessel, the vessel tried to escape, forcing coast guard to fire warning shots in the air.
  • Vessel finally obeyed coast guard instructions and was brought to Port Blair on August 06.
  • Army intelligence, Intelligence Bureau and other government agencies are inspecting the vessel and interrogating her 39 crew.
  • The master of the vessel has told that the vessel entered Indian waters due to mechanical fault. It is also reported that the vessel was changing course to enter Indian port of Kakinada. However, Interocean, the Delhi based agent of the ship was not aware of the vessel’s port of call to Kakinada.
  • The ship’s log book was found to be vague.

It may be recalled that world wide watch is being kept on North Korean vessels as they are suspected to be carrying nuclear materials illegally.

View some video clips from Times Now:

Read more from Indian Express.

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Update: August 09

Investigators have found that North Korean ship MV Mu San made several voyages between North Korea and China without maintaining proper records. Read more from The Times of India.

Also some visuals of MV Mu San are available in this video clip from Videos From India: Probe into N Korean ship issue continues.

Update: August 14

View a video clip: No nuke material found on N Korean ship – India

Update: August 16

MV Mu San is likely to be booked under the Indian Maritime Act for entering the Indian waters illegally.Read more from the Times of India and view a video clip.

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