Indian Ocean Current Forecasts by INCOIS

by OldSailor on August 4, 2009


INCOIS Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services (INCOIS) is gearing up to provide forecasts for surface currents (speed and direction) of Indian Ocean from next year. A high computing system is being installed at INCOIS for this purpose. Presently  National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) of the U.S. provides forecasts on ocean currents.
Some interesting features of INCOIS and Indian Ocean current forecasts are:

    • is located at Hyderabad as an autonomous body under the Ministry of Earth Sciences, Government of India
    • maintains Tsunami Warning System
    • provides: Potential Fishing Zone Advisories, Web Geographical Information Systems (GIS) interface, Ocean State Forecast, Value Added services to the shipping industry on payment
    • has Ocean Tutor, Ocean Calculator, Ocean Dictionary

  • Indian Ocean current forecast
    • is necessary for shipping industry, fishery department to understand the behaviour of the sea to plan their operationsIndian_Ocean
    • to help scientists study the way heat transfer takes place in the Indian Ocean and the effects on global temperatures
    • to help seafarers on sailing expeditions
    • to help Coast Guard to conduct search and rescue operations accurately
    • to support in the field of: oil spill response at sea, harmful algal bloom monitoring, water quality assessment
    • to understand about marine debris
  • View an interesting video clip from NIO Goa: Oceans and Climate

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