NDTV Videos: Fading Beaches of India

by OldSailor on July 24, 2009


Beach_Protection India with a vast coastline of about 7500 kilo metres, has to protect the beaches to ensure safe environment. The citizens also have the responsibility to protect the beaches along with the government.

Some important contributions required from the citizens:

  • Do not pollute the beaches by throwing wastes like plastic bags, bottles, cigarette butts, paper …… endless to list.
  • Discourage/advise fellow citizens when you see them polluting the beaches.

Some of the actions required from the government:

  • Stop unauthorised structures closer to the beach.
  • Carryout regular maintenance of beaches.
  • Carryout regular patrols on the beaches to stop pollution, any unlawful activity.

Here are some interesting video clips from NDTV, on Indian Beaches:

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