President Barack Obama and The Turtle Hospital

by OldSailor on July 23, 2009



It is amazing to know that a multi specialty hospital called ‘The Turtle Hospital’ is available to treat sea turtles. This hospital on July 04, released a loggerhead sea turtle named after President Barack Obama in the Atlantic Ocean off Key West after treatment.

Some interesting features of the Turtle Hospital are:

  • was opened in 1986 as a charitable corporation. The_Turtle_Hospital_1
  • located at Marathon, Florida in the heart of the Florida Keys.
  • aims to
    • treat injured sea turtles and release them to the wild after treatment
    • impart knowledge about sea turtles through outreach programs to local schools
    • conduct and assist research to aid sea turtles in conjunction with state universities
    • work toward environmental legislation to make the beaches and water safe and clean for sea turtles
  • provides Guided Educational Experiences to public everyday.
  • has necessary infrastructure to treat sea turtles including the latest equipment to perform a variety of surgeries on different species and sizes of sea turtles.
  • type of treatment given to turtlesThe_Turtle_Hospital_2
    • flipper amputations caused by fishing line and trap rope entanglements
    • shell damage caused by boat collisions
    • intestinal impactions caused by ingestion of foreign materials such as plastic bags, balloons, and fishing line and/or hooks
    • removal of debilitating viral tumors that affect over 50% of the sea turtles in the Keys and around the world
  • carries out research in coordination with University of Florida into the causes of fibropapilloma, the devastating viral tumors which affect sea turtles.
  • achievement: has successfully treated and released over 750 Sea Turtles since its founding in 1986.

View some interesting video clips:

For more details, log on to The Turtle Hospital.

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