Bermuda 2009: 400th Anniversary of Sea Venture Wreckage

by OldSailor on July 22, 2009


Bermuda celebrates 400th Anniversary of Sea Venture wreckage as a celebration of Bermuda and her people. The wrecking of Sea Venture is believed to be the inspiration for Shakespeare’s The Tempest.

Some interesting features of Sea Venture and 400th anniversary of Bermuda are:Bermuda_400th_anniversary

  • In June 1609, Virginia Company’s Admiral, Sir George Somers sailed in ‘Sea Venture’ with a flotilla of ships from Plymouth (then London) to Virginia.
  • On July 25, 1609 Sea Venture was caught in a storm (a fierce tempest) and the flotilla was disintegrated.
  • After struggling in the storm for three days, the flagship Sea Venture, was wrecked off the reefs of Bermuda’s Discovery Bay, with no loss of life.
  • On July 28, 1609 the survivors including Sir George Somers landed in Bermuda.
  • Sir George Somers explored, mapped Bermuda and as a mark of respect, Bermuda’s official alternate name is Somers Islands.
  • This year, the 400th anniversary started with ‘2009 Bermuda Day Half-Marathon Derby’ on January 01 and the celebrations were launched on January 03.

  • Somers Day: This year Somers Day is going to be celebrated on July 28 with a Time Capsule ceremony in the Town of St.George including the following:
    • The Bermuda Sloop, Spirit of Bermuda will lead a flotilla of boats out to the Sea Venture wreck site for a commemorative ceremony
    • World Heritage Centre’s Official Opening by the St. George’s Foundation
    • Travel to St.Catherine’s Beach (historically known as Gates’ Bay) for a Re-enactment of the landing of the survivors
    • Actors will row to shore in Longboats manned by Sea Cadets in period costume
    • A service will be held on the beach followed by the unveiling of a Cross memorial symbolizing the cross that was left by the survivors before they left for Jamestown, Virginia
    • A parade in the Town of St. George’s for an evening of festivitiesBermuda_2009
    • A meeting with descendants of the Sea Venture survivors and visiting Dignitaries from Lyme Regis (home of Sir George Somers) and from Virginia
    • Music by the Bermuda Regiment Band and the Tony Bari Trio, featuring Gene Steede
    • Dances from Bermuda’s numerous cultural groups and a Parade of Fashion through the ages
    • Fireworks display
  • On December 12, 2009 with the Bermuda Christmas Boat parade, the year long 400th anniversary would finish.

View a video clip: Sea Venture

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For more details on 400th Anniversary, log on to Bermuda 2009.

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