Deep Siren Tactical Paging System for Submarines by Raytheon

by OldSailor on July 20, 2009


Raytheon The Deep Siren Tactical Paging (DSTP) system being developed by Raytheon, allows a command station to communicate with a  submarine in real-time regardless of the submarine’s operating speed or depth.

Presently submarines have to come closer to the sea surface to communicate by using Electro Magnetic (EM) waves in ELF band (Extremely Low Frequency; 30 Hz – 300 Hz), in VLF band (Very low frequency; 3 kHz – 30 kHz), in HF band (High Frequency; 3 MHz – 30 MHz).

Some interesting features of DSTP are:

  • Comprises of
    • a command station
    • one or more EM to acoustic gateway expendable buoys
    • an acoustic receive station on board the submarine
  • The vital Deep Siren acoustic gateway buoy
    • can be launched
      • from a submarine through the trash disposal unitDeep_Siren_Tactical_Paging_System
      • from a maritime patrol aircraft through the sonobuoy launch tube
      • by a surface craft
    • has worldwide connectivity with the command station through a commercial satellite data link.
    • translates satellite communication messages into a reliable low data rate underwater acoustic signal that is received and decoded by the acoustic receiving station onboard the submarine.
  • Communication range is in excess of 150 nautical miles from the buoy.
  • November 2007: Raytheon was awarded a U.S. Navy contract valued at $5.2 million for development of DSTP system.
  • August 2008: U.S Navy successfully completed a series of tests of DSTP system at the Atlantic Underwater Test and Evaluation Center (AUTEC) deep water range in the Bahamas.
  • Further evaluation by the Royal Navy was conducted this year during TAURUS 09 deployment.
  • Raytheon leads the team by providing Mission Systems Integration along with partners
    • RRK Technologies, Ltd (U.K) for Deep Siren long range acoustic transmit and receive algorithms
    • Ultra Electronics Maritime Systems (Canada) for building the expendable buoy and launch vehicle
  • Raytheon is further working on airborne certification of Deep Siren, which will allow the system’s buoys to be deployed by aircraft.

Read more from Raytheon:

Sketch of Deep Siren Deployment Overview from Raytheon.

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