Somali Piracy: INS Godavari and FLF Aconit Rescue Hijacked Indian Dhow MV Nafeya

by OldSailor on July 16, 2009



A joint operation by Indian Naval Ship (INS) Godavari and French Frigate FLF Aconit has helped to rescue safely Indian dhow MV Nafeya with her crew from Somali pirates on July 15.

Some interesting features of the rescue operations are:

  • July 10: An Indian dhow MV Nafeya with 14 Indian crew was hijacked off Boosaaso, Somalia by seven pirates armed with RPGs and AK47s.
  • July 13:
    • After hijacking, the pirates used the dhow as mother ship to hijack MV A Elephant, a Liberian tanker.
    • The hijack attempt was prevented by French frigate FLF Aconit (F 713), part of European Union Naval Force (EUNAVFOR), Somalia.
    • Thereafter FLF Aconit started tracking the dhow and Indian frigate Godavari (F 20) in the vicinity also joined the operation.
  • July 15:
    • When pirates came to know that both French and Indian Navy ships are chasing them, they abandoned the dhow at 0300 hours. Frigate_Aconit
    • INS Godavari then approached the dhow and in coordination with FLF Aconit, boarded the dhow to provide all necessary assistance like food, water and medicines to the crew.
    • Now all 14 Indian crew of the vessel are safe and the dhow is proceeding to Al Mukkalla in Yemen.

As Indo French annual bilateral Naval exercise Varuna is conducted regularly, joint operation by both naval ships was harmonious and successful in releasing the Indian dhow and her crew without payment of any ransom.

Here are some photographs:

Rescued dhow MV Nafeya (Image credit – EUNAVFOR, Somalia)

MV_ Nafeya

FLF Aconit (F 713) (Image credit – Marine Nationale)


INS Godavari (F 20)


Read more from Press Information Bureau and EU NAVFOR, Somalia.

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