India: Floating Super Store Triveni of Kerala

by OldSailor on July 8, 2009


KuttanadFloating super store Triveni was launched last month, to sell consumer goods in Kuttanad, Kerala. The people of Kuttanad have easy access through waterways as about 500 square kilo metres of the region are below sea level. They used to spend more time, money and travel long distances by road to buy their day to day consumer goods. Now floating store Triveni has come to their rescue.

Some interesting features of floating store Triveni are:

  • Operated by the Kerala State Co-operatives Consumers’ Federation Ltd (Consumerfed).
  • 1000 sq ft space is used to display and sell about 2,000 consumer goods including essential commodities.
  • 2-3 % discount is offered on the goods sold than the market price.
  • To visit 30 to 50 locations in Kuttanad region every day.
  • To remain open for sale from eight in the morning till six in the evening.
  • Updates stock and market price instantly through a dedicated network using internet connectivity.Floating_Store_Triveni
  • To permit 15 consumers at a time to make their purchase considering the stability of the boat.
  • Manned by eight staff including the boat crew.
  • 16 metre long and 6 metre wide, solar powered boat.
  • Costs INR 50 lakh and the hull is made from ferro-cement laminate.

If Triveni operations are profitable, more floating super stores are expected to be launched in other parts of Kerala.

View a video from NTDTV: Indian Floating Store

Read more from The Economic Times, Consumerfed.

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