Hywind: World’s First Large Scale Floating Wind Turbine Installed

by OldSailor on July 6, 2009


StatoilHydro Hywind, the world’s first large scale floating wind turbine was installed last month by StatoilHydro and Siemens.The Hywind turbine is expected to generate electricity by this month and the operation, performance of the turbine will be tested for the next two years.

Most of the offshore wind turbines are installed by securing them firmly to the seabed, limiting the cost effective installation depth to 30-50 metres. Such offshore wind turbines are unsuitable for countries with little or no shallow water areas near the coast line, to tap offshore wind power. Siemens

In May 2008, StatoilHydro decided to build the floating wind turbine Hywind, with an investment of approximately 400 million NOK, by combining technologies from both the wind farming industry and the oil and gas sectors. This technology makes it possible to install offshore wind turbines at higher depths of 120 – 700 metres.

Some interesting features of the Hywind floating wind turbine are: Karmøy

  • Wind turbine
    • Capacity: SWT- 2.3 MW, built by Siemens
    • Weight of turbine: 138 tonnes
    • Turbine height: 65 metres
    • Rotor diameter: 82.4 metres
  • Floatation element and offshore installation
    • Built by Technip
    • Consists of a steel floater filled with ballast
    • Floatation element’s draught below sea surface: 100 metres
    • Diameter of floatation element: 8.3 metres
  • Cable laying offshore by Nexans and onshore by Haugaland Kraft.
  • Total weight: 5300 tonnes.
  • Diameter at sea surface: 6 metres.
  • No. of  anchor moorings: 3
  • Location: located approximately 12 km south east of Karmøy in Norway at a water depth of about 220 metres.
  • StatoilHydro and Siemens have jointly developed a special control system to control the movement of the floating structure, specially to dampen out part of the wave-induced motions of the floating system.

Here are some photographs (Credit-Siemens press picture)

The design


The installation



Read more from StatoilHydro, Siemens AG.

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