Varuna 2009: Indian Navy Exercise with French Navy

by OldSailor on June 27, 2009


indian_navyIndian Navy ships are gearing up for Exercise Varuna 2009 with the French Navy. Interestingly this exercise is going to be participated by the same Indian Navy ships after completing Konkan 2009 with the Royal Navy in U.K waters.

Some interesting features of Varuna 2009 are:

  • is an annual bilateral exercise.
  • to be conducted from June 27 to July 04, off the coasts of Brittany.
  • participating ships from Indian Navy with their integral helicopters
    • INS Delhi (D 61), Indian built Delhi class destroyer
    • INS Brahmaputra (F 31), Indian built Brahmaputra class frigate (Type 16A)
    • INS Beas (F 37), Indian built Brahmaputra class frigate marine_nationale
    • INS Aditya (A 59), Indian built oil tanker
  • participating ships from French Navy
    • Primauguet (D 644): Anti Sub-Marine (ASM) type F 70 Destroyer, with Lynx helicopter
    • Lieutenant de Vaisseau Le Hénaff (F 789): Avisos type A69 Frigate, specialized in ASM warfare in coastal waters
    • Casabianca (S 603): Submarine Nuclear Attack (SNA) type Rubis
    • Aircrafts: Maritime patrol aircraft Atlantique 2, Fighter aircraft Rafale Marine, Super Etendard Modernized (SEM) of naval aviation

Here are the photographs of the French Navy ships taking part in Varuna 2009:

Primauguet (D 644)


Lieutenant de Vaisseau Le Hénaff (F 789)


Nuclear Attack Submarine Casabianca (S 603)


Varuna 2008 was held from May 08 to May 16, 2008 off Visakhapatnam.

View an interesting video clip: Rafale on the French aircraft carrier

Read more from Press Information Bureau, Marine Nationale (in English through Google Translate).

All the above photographs are from Marine Nationale.

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Update: July 05

View an interesting video clip from NDTV: Indian Navy sends fleet to France for joint exercise

Update: July 25

View photographs and further report on Varuna 2009 from Marine Nationale through Google Translate: Diving Under the Banner of Varuna.

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