Cargo Ships Collide in Tianjin Port Anchorage of China

by OldSailor on June 24, 2009


A Panamanian ship and a Cambodian ship collided in the Tianjin Port anchorage in the eastern part of China on June 20.

Some information available from Chinese media regarding this collision are:

  • The collision took place around 0325 hours.Tianjin
  • Ships collided are: Panamanian ship “Hong Kong movie star” and Cambodian ship “SO Fuk” (also reported as “Fu-Hsin Su”)
  • Panamanian ship “Hong Kong movie star”
    • 269 metres long and 43 metres wide, bulk carrier
    • carrying 142,000 tons of iron ore
    • 25 crew members on board are Chinese nationals
    • due to collision the 150,000 ton ship was partially submerged
  • Cambodian ship “SO Fuk”
    • 100,000 ton ship’s bow damaged
    • 146 metres long, 20.6 metres wide
    • carrying 14,550 tons of cargo

  • Tianjin Maritime Safety Administration (TMSA) immediately sent two coast guard ships for assistance and also made arrangements to prevent oil spill including safe transfer of fuel from the damaged ships.
  • Timely action by TMSA has prevented casualties, oil pollution due to fuel leakage and sinking of the vessels.

View a video clip from NTDTV: Two Ships Collide off Chinas East Coast

Read more from Tianjinwe: in Chinese and through Google Translate in English.

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