Chennai Port: MV Captain Ali Without Any Instructions

by OldSailor on June 23, 2009


MV Captain Ali (IMO: 6619920), Mercy Mission ship is off Chennai Port for almost a week without any instructions.
Some developments on MV Captain Ali so far:

  • The vessel carrying 884 tons of humanitarian aid of food, medicine, and other essential humanitarian relief items to Sri Lanka Tamils left Fos-Sur-Mer, France on May 07. mv_captain_ali
  • On June 04, the vessel was intercepted by Sri Lanka Navy and taken to Colombo for investigations. During the search operations onboard, the Sri Lanka Navy did not find any lethal cargo. But, Sri Lanka denied permission to unload cargo saying that the vessel was not conforming to the International Ships and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code.
  • On June 09, the vessel was safely escorted to a distance of 100 nautical miles off Sri Lankan shores by Sri Lanka Navy.
  • The vessel then headed to Chennai with the aim of unloading the cargo at Chennai Port.
  • The vessel reached off Chennai Port on June 14, and it was reported that some crew members were sick and the vessel had acute shortage of drinking water.
  • On June 19, the Tamil Nadu government requested the central government, to persuade Sri Lanka to permit the vessel to unload cargo in Sri Lanka.
  • On June 20, Chennai Port supplied 200 litres of drinking water to the vessel.
  • On June 22, the vessel was inspected by the Indian Navy/Coast Guard and after the inspection, the vessel was directed to move further away from Chennai Port without assigning any reasons.

Now MV Captain Ali is waiting for instructions from ship owner for further action.

Why MV Captain Ali is not getting any support from Sri Lanka ?

Answer is at Sri Lanka Army’s website : ‘Captain Ali’ Ordered Out. Part of the news report is given below.

Commander Karunaratne said funds raised from gullible EU citizens and some forcibly taken from the Tamil diaspora in those countries and the UK by an organisation called ‘Act Now’, a pro-LTTE organisation via the fund raising campaign ‘Mercy Mission’, were utilised to purchase the supplies.

Kristjan Guomundsson, the Iceland national was on board the vessel at the time of its seizure monitoring the mission. He is an ex-Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission (SLMM) Naval monitor turned LTTE sympathiser who headed the SLMM’s Liaison Office in Kilinochchi and later in Jaffna, Commander Karunaratne said.

India: Unanswered questions ? question

  • If the vessel is not having any lethal cargo, what is the harm in permitting the vessel to unload cargo at Chennai Port ?
  • Is it fair to keep a vessel at sea with sick crew, without giving any clear instructions ?

Read more from Express Buzz, Hindustan Times, Vanni Mission.

Post in MarineBuzz on this day a year before:

JMSDF Destroyer Sazanami on Goodwill Visit to China

Update: June 24

View some video clips from Times Now:

Another video clip: Outside Chennai – interview Kristjan 23 june 09

Update: July 03

Now MV Captain Ali, has received instructions. The ship anchored off Chennai with relief material for Sri Lanka Tamils, was permitted to dock at Chennai Port on July 02. The relief material is being offloaded in the presence of Customs, Coast Guard and the police. The consignment would then be loaded into a container and sent to Colombo by another ship in 3-4 days for distribution through the International Committee of the Red Cross. Read more from The Times of India.

View photographs of unloading relief material from, Vanni Mission.

Update: July 04

View a video clip from Videos From India: Sri Lanka aid ship permitted to offload at Chennai

Update: July 05

MV Captain Ali, after unloading of humanitarian cargo has sailed out of Chennai Port in the morning on July 05. Read more from Vanni Mission.

Update: July 08

MV Cape Colorado left Chennai port on July 07 with the relief material in 27 containers, that was unloaded from MV Captain Ali. The vessel is expected to reach Colombo on PM July 08. Read more from The Times of India.

Update: July 09

MV Cape Colorado has unloaded relief material in Colombo on AM July 09. Read more from Vanni Mission.

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