Weekend View: Sea Turtle Conservation by Royal Thai Navy

by OldSailor on June 21, 2009


Royal_Thai_Navy The Royal Thai Navy is doing a commendable job by protecting sea turtles at their Sea Turtle Conservation Center.

Some interesting features of sea turtles and Sea Turtle Conservation Center are:

  • Sea Turtles
    • Khram Island is the nesting site for green sea turtles, where hundreds of sea turtles come ashore to lay their eggs
    • Sea turtles in Thailand are being killed by humans for their meat, eggs and their shells which are considered precious
    • Also large number of sea turtles die by getting trapped in fishing nets during migration
    • To save the sea turtles, the Royal Thai Navy has Sea Turtle Conservation Center
  • Sea Turtle Conservation Center
    • A research institute of Thai Navy at Sattahip with turtle breeding farms and nursery pondssea_turtle
    • The eggs of sea turtles are identified by observing the softness of the sand and the eggs are then moved closer to the beach side for further nurturing
    • Eggs are kept inside sixty centimetre deep sand pits for hatching after noting down the number of eggs, the date of nesting and the expected birth date
    • After birth, the new born turtles are taken to tanks for a wash to remove the sand and then are provided with anti-fungus treatment to keep them healthy
    • For almost six months, the baby turtles are looked after and grown up turtles are then released into the sea
    • The center also provides valuable information on sea turtles through lectures, video presentation and exhibitions
    • The center is also opened to visitors

View some interesting video clips:

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