Discovery Channel Reveals Real and Untold Story of Captain Richard Phillips Rescue

by OldSailor on June 20, 2009


Discovery_Channel This weekend, Discovery Channel is going to reveal the real and untold story of Captain Richard Phillips’ rescue from Somali pirates in their exclusive show “Somali Pirate Takedown-The Real Story”. The show brings out the very real story of the heroic Navy SEAL actions, to finally free Captain Richard Phillips of  Maersk Alabama from Somali pirates in April.

You can

  • hear the untold story of the dramatic hostage situation onboard MV Maersk Alabama.
  • view the extraordinary measures taken by the U.S. Navy to free Captain Richard Phillips alive.piracy
  • see how the Navy SEALs pulled off three impossible shots to put a sudden end to a modern day pirate standoff.

When ?

  • June 21, Sunday, 10:00 pm
  • June 22, Monday, 1:00 am
  • Jun 26, Friday, 7:00 pm

Duration: 60 minutes

You can also view the show on June 23, 9:00 pm and June 24, 12:00 am from Discovery-Military Channel.

For more details, log on to Discovery Channel.

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