GMTV Offers Bikini Diet Live from Cruise Ship Ruby Princess

by OldSailor on June 17, 2009


gmtv Fitness freak Mr Motivator and GMTV are offering Bikini Diet at cruise ship Ruby Princess from June 15 to remain healthy and fit. Some interesting features of this Bikini Diet and Ruby Princess are:

  • Mr Motivator and GMTV fitness expert Deanne Berry are onboard Ruby Princess to host on-deck workouts to members on Bikini Diet.Ruby_Princess
  • GMTV has selected three Bikini Ladies of apple shape, pear shape and tofi (thin on the outside, fat inside) to be part of this Bikini Diet plan in the cruise ship for a week.
  • The 28 day Bikini Diet plan encourages members to
    • try at least one of Mr Motivator’s daily dozen exercises (videos are available at GMTV)
    • prepare at least one of Amanda’s delicious and nutritious healthy recipes (available at GMTV)
    • have a piece of fruit everyday to keep the doctor away
    • drink at least two glasses of water everyday
    • resist at least once a day allure of unhealthy temptations
  • Members of Bikini Diet plan will be
    • put through exercises at the ship’s gym
    • learn to prepare recipes and follow a Mediterranean diet onboard Bikini_diet
    • on ship’s organized shore excursions to remain active
  • You can view everyday during the cruise, GMTV’s live broadcast from a different port onboard Ruby Princess, as she sails through a 12 night Greek Isles and Mediterranean cruise.
  • Cruise Ship Ruby Princess of Princess Cruises
    • can accommodate around 3000 plus passengers
    • is 952 feet in length
    • has nearly 900 balcony staterooms

View some interesting video clips from GMTV:

View Bikini Diet live from GMTV.

Read more about Ruby Princess from, Princess Cruises.

To join Bikini Diet, log on to GMTV.

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Update: June 17

View video of June 17: Mr Motivator and Deanne Berry workout on GMTV

Update: June 18

View video of June 18: Banish those bingo wings with Deanne Berry

Update: June 19

View video of June 19: GMTV’s bikini diet – Mr Motivator – Deanne Berry

Also view a video of Mr Motivator and Bikini Diet recruit Rachel making a simple, healthy bowl of pasta: Simple spaghetti recipe

Update: June 22

Bikini Diet onboard cruise ship Ruby Princess has come to an end.

View a video clip of Deanne Berry on war against bingo wings with her latest Bikini Diet workout: Banish bingo wings

Update: July 01

View some more video clips

Update: July 02

Deanne shows some fantastic exercises for toning your legs and bum: Bikini Diet Bum and Thighs

Update: July 03

Deanne shows some new exercises for apple shape women to try: Bikini Diet Apple Dieter

Also, Deanne shows some exercises for men: Swimming Trunks Diet

Update: July 10

Here is a very interesting information. By following Bikini Diet, 772,621 inches of fat were lost by the participants.

Find out more from the video clip: Mr Motivator’s Bikini Diet – Grand Finale

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