Somali Piracy: Portuguese Warship NRP Corte Real Rescues Indian Seafarers

by OldSailor on June 16, 2009


NRP_Corte_Real 14 Indian seafarers of the dhow Vishvakalyan were rescued by Portuguese Warship NRP Corte-Real (F332) on June 13.

Some interesting features of rescue by NRP Corte-Real are:

  • Dhow Vishvakalyan left from the port of Brava, south of Mogadishu on June 3 with a shipment of charcoal to Sharjah in the UAE.
  • The dhow was intercepted by Somali pirates off the Somalia coast.
  • The pirates kept the dhow and the crew in their captivity for almost ten days at sea. There is a possibility that the pirates were using this dhow as mother ship to capture a bigger vessel.
  • With the days passing, the pirates finished up all the provisions in the dhow and finally decided to leave the dhow.
  • As per the captain of the dhow Ismail Abdurehman, before leaving the dhow the pirates forcibly took most of the sailors’ belongings including radios,crest_Corte_Real phones, television sets and presents bought for their families. Also the crew were beaten up by the pirates all over.
  • The pirates released the dhow on the late evening on June 12, with only three chickens and the dhow’s cat.
  • The crew from Gujarat, India, could not call for help as the pirates broke their VHF radio antenna and they decided to reach the Yemeni island of Socotra to get help.
  • Meanwhile, Portuguese Warship NRP Corte-Real (F332) of NATO, spotted the dhow about 20 nautical miles south-east of Hobyo off Somalia coast.
  • The warship rescued the sailors on June 13, a day after they were freed by pirates.
  • The warship provided all necessary assistance as the crew were without food and suffering from bruises, dehydration, diarrhea and respiratory illnesses.

Here are some photographs from Portuguese Navy of Rescue operations and rendering medical assistance to Dhow Vishvakalyan.

NRP Corte-Real near Dhow Vishvakalyan

Vishvakalyan_1 Vishvakalyan_2

NRP Corte-Real crew on Dhow Vishvakalyan

Vishvakalyan_3 Vishvakalyan_4

Providing assistance to Dhow Vishvakalyan

Vishvakalyan_5 Vishvakalyan_6

Providing medical assistance to the crew of Dhow Vishvakalyan

Vishvakalyan_7 Vishvakalyan_8

Crew of Dhow Vishvakalyan

Vishvakalyan_9 Vishvakalyan_10

View some amazing photographs of NRP Corte Real from Photoblog.

View interesting video clips:

To know more about NRP Corte-Real, log on to Standing NATO Maritime Group 1 (SNMG1).

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