Weekend View: Wreckage of Soviet Type-S Submarine of World War II

by OldSailor on June 14, 2009


Aland_islands After ten years of intensive underwater search, Swedish and Finnish divers have successfully located the wreckage of a Soviet Second World War Russian submarine.

Some interesting features of this underwater search are:

  • The Type-S, diesel powered medium submarine, unofficially dubbed Stalinets, as a wreckage was located near the Aland islands, Finland in the Baltic Sea.
  • The submarine sank on January 2, 1940 after entering a minefield during the Winter War between the Soviet Union and Finland (November 1939-March 1940).
  • All 50 of her crew members died.
  • The submarine was on a mission to hunt ships laden with ore and was last seen and later explosion heard by the Maerket lighthouse staff.
  • The diving team started the search for the submarine more than a decade ago in April 1999.
  • The sighting of wreckage has finally settled a long standing dispute between Sweden and Finland regarding the ownership of the war archives of the sunken submarine.
  • It is interesting to know that, during the war the Type-S submarines, sank 82,770 gross registered tons of merchant shipping and seven warships.

View photographs of Soviet Type-S Submarines from Aviapress.

View a video clip from NTDTV: Wreck of Russian Submarine Found

Read more and also view wreckage photographs from AOL News, Canada.

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