Beaches and Elections

by OldSailor on June 13, 2009


ElectionHow seriously people participate in elections to elect their government ?

Lebanese Republic

  • Elections to a new parliament for Lebanon was conducted on June 07.
  • BBC News reported that people have turned out in large numbers to vote in the election.
  • The voter turnout was around 52% plus, a high figure for Lebanon.
  • What happened to the remaining voters ?
  • What were they doing, instead of voting during the elections ? beach

It is no secret. To find out, view an interesting video clip from Reuters: Lebanese go to beach on elex day


What about Indians ?

In India, Election Day is declared as a holiday and most of the Indians without voting, enjoy this day as a holiday at home.

  • India had a five phase polling from April 16 to May 13.
  • Total voters: 710,074,177
  • Voters polled: 414,913,023
  • Overall voter turnout: 58.43%
  • What happened to the remaining voters ?
  • Thaindian News gives an account of what some Bangalore voters did on election day, as there is no beach in Bangalore.
    • “I am enjoying my holiday, watching movies and eating home made delicacies prepared by my wife” holiday
    • “My vote is not going to make any difference. Politicians hardly do anything for common people. It is strange that not a single candidate in Bangalore has talked about the large scale impact of global economic recession in the city. My business is in doldrums”
    • “Today is like a Sunday for me. I am enjoying the day with my two kids and husband at home and will visit relatives, later in the evening”
    • “I have voted earlier. But, now I don’t do. I have lost faith in the system. Our politicians don’t work for the welfare of the country and people. To make good use of the day, I have decided to enjoy the day with friends and family in a resort, instead of waiting in the long queue to cast my vote”
    • a registered voter decided not to vote, as she has lost faith in the “democratic system”
    • a software analyst, decided to enjoy the day at a resort near Bangalore, instead of voting
  • Absentee voters in other parts of India also must have spent election day as a holiday to enjoy.

With 58.43% voter turnout, what is the out come in India ?


Source: Election Commission of India

India, the largest democracy in the world with 710,074,177 voters, is going to be ruled by Indian National Congress for the next five years with 118,457,668 voters (28.55% votes polled) in support of them.

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