Speculative Reasons for Air France Flight 447 Crash in Atlantic Ocean

by OldSailor on June 9, 2009


aircraft1 Air France (AF) Flight 447, from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to Paris-Charles de Gaulle, France with 228 people (216 passengers and 12 crew members) disappeared over the Atlantic Ocean on June 01. After intensive search by aircrafts,ships of Brazil and France over the Atlantic Ocean, some bodies of passengers and debris of the aircraft Airbus A330-200, were located and retrieved 600 miles away from the northeast of the Fernando de Noronha islands of Brazil’s northern coast.

Regarding air accidents it is said that

  • over 94% air accidents take place at the time of take off/landings.
  • mere 6% or less air accidents take place in mid air.

As Black Box (Flight Recorder) of Air France Flight 447 is not yet recovered from the Atlantic Ocean, many possible reasons for the crash are available:

Crash due to lightning strike, bad weather

Crash due to pilot error, mechanical defects:aircraft2

Crash due to Terrorism/Sabotage

Any more reasons ? You may comment.

Post in MarineBuzz on this day a year before:

Fire in Platform Supply Vessel Rainbow Star Kills 1 and Injures 14 at Singapore Shipyard

Update: June 11

View some video clips on speculative reasons for the crash.

Update: June 14

Inspection of the debris recovered so far from Air France flight 447,  seems to indicate that aircraft suddenly plunged into the Atlantic Ocean without any time to the passengers to react and did not explode in the sky. Read more from France 24.

Update: June 18

Fractures found during the autopsy in the legs, hips and arms of the bodies recovered reveal that the Airbus A330 broke up into pieces in midair over the Atlantic Ocean, but not due to explosion. View a video clip: Air France Flight 447 Updates – 18 Jun 09

Update: July 03

The black box is not yet located. The French accident investigating agency BEA in their report, have revealed that the aircraft did not break up in mid-air. The aircraft appears to have hit the sea surface with belly first in flying position with a strong vertical acceleration. Read more from France 24.

View a video clip from BBC World News: Air France jet ‘broke on impact’

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