Sri Lanka Navy Intercepts MV Captain Ali, Mercy Mission Vessel

by OldSailor on June 4, 2009


Sri Lanka Navy has intercepted MV Captain Ali, a Mercy Mission Vessel 160 Nm off the Colombo seas around 0400 hrs on June 04.

Some interesting features of MV Captain Ali are:

  • the vessel is carrying 884 metric tons of cargo collected by LTTE sympathizers in Europe.Sri_Lanka_Navy
  • the type of cargo is yet to be identified.
  • the vessel is 93 metres in length and 14 metres wide and is being taken to Colombo for further investigations.
  • the Syrian flagged vessel is having a crew of 15
    • Ice Land national – 01
    • English national – 01
    • Egyptian nationals – 02
    • Syrian nationals – 11
  • the Syrian vessel had left United Kingdom on April 20 as a ‘mercy mission vessel’ to Puthumathalan, Sri Lanka, to provide essential logistic supply to the terrorists.
  • Kristjan Guomundsson, an Ice Land national was onboard MV Captain Ali at the time of seizure. He is reported to be an ex-SLMM (Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission) Naval Monitor turned LTTE sympathizer who was the head of SLMM’s Liaison Office in Kilinochchi and later in its Jaffna office.

Here is the photograph of MV Captain Ali from Sri Lanka Navy.


Read more from Sri Lanka Navy and Vanni Mission.

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Update: June 08

Mercy Mission UK, the organizers of the ship ‘Captain Ali’ claims that Sri Lanka was informed about the vessel’s arrival with humanitarian supplies. Sri Lanka says that the vessel was not given clearance to enter Colombo. Read more from Daily Mirror.

Though it was found that the vessel carried only food, medical items and similar goods, Sri Lankan authorities on June 08 have ordered mercy mission aid ship ‘Captain Ali’ to leave the island without unloading cargo. Read more from Tamil National.

Update: June 11


As per the directives of the Government, Sri Lanka Navy escorted MV Captain Ali, out of the Sri Lankan territorial waters on June 09, allowing it to return to its port of origin. Read more from Sri Lanka Navy.

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