French Navy to have Permanent Base at Abu Dhabi, UAE

by OldSailor on June 3, 2009


France opened a permanent military base at Abu Dhabi on May 26 at the request of the UAE. The military base, located in the strategically important Strait of Hormuz, between the Gulf of Oman and the Persian Gulf includes a navy base, an air base, and a training camp.

Some interesting features of this military base are:Port_Zayed_French_base

  • Called as “Camp Peace” is expected to house 500 French troops, including personnel from the French Navy, Air Force and Army.
    • To provide energy security in the strategic world oil supply route and to fight the Somali pirates more effectively.
    • French Navy to operate from Mina Zayed Port.
    • French Air Force to operate from Al Dhafra Air Base.
    • Area for the French Army is to be announced within a month.
  • French Navy at Mina Zayed port
    • To provide logistical support to French naval vessels in the region.
    • To serve as the headquarters for the French Navy’s Indian Ocean fleet.
    • About 80 members of the French Navy are to be permanently stationed.
    • To serve as a supply and rest station for the French Navy vessels involved in anti piracy off the coast of Somalia.
    • Presently relies on Abu Dhabi Ship Building company for refitting and maintenance services.

It may be recalled that France is also having a military base at Djibouti, in the Republic of Djibouti in the Horn of Africa.

View some video clips:

Read more from France 24 and The National.

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Update: June 08

More information on French Peace Camp at Abu Dhabi is available from French Navy website (English translation):

The first French military base in the Gulf was opened on Tuesday 26 May 2009, Abu Dhabi, capital of United Arab Emirates (UAE), by M. Nicolas Sarkozy, President of the Republic. The ceremony was attended by Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister of UAE, Sheikh Zayed bin Seïf al-Nahyan, Minister of Defense, the Chief of Staff of Armed Force General Jean-Louis Georgelin, and Chief of Staff of the Navy, Admiral Pierre-François Forissier.
On this occasion, the frigates Forbin and Aconitum and Dupuy de Lome was accosted in the port of Mina Zayed on dock 300 meters long from the naval base.
The French military establishment in the United Arab Emirates (IMFEAU), official name of the database, also called the “peace camp”, was created under the defense agreement which links France and the UAE since 1995 .His decision to launch was announced in January 2008, during a previous visit by Mr. Sarkozy in Abu Dhabi.The IMFEAU is composed of a naval base and Logistics Zone located in Mina Zayed, an air base at Al-Dhafra and a training camp in combat urban desert. The tasks of this system are the general support and implementation of operational forces in the area and the contribution to the strengthening and development of bilateral military cooperation with our partners UAE.This is the first military base created by France outside its territory for 50 years.
Located near the Strait of Hormuz, where transit, along with Iran, some 40% of world oil production, the naval base and support of Abu Dhabi will be the fulcrum of privileged Navy ships in the National Persian Gulf, providing greater autonomy to the device deployed in the region.

Some photographs are here from French Navy:

Inspection of troops by Mr Nicolas Sarkozy and Sheikh Zayed bin Seïf al-Nahyan


Against a background of FDA Forbin review of troops on the place of weapons before the ceremony.


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