Weekend View: GIS Visuals of Sri Lanka’s War on Terrorism (1981-2009)

by OldSailor on May 31, 2009


Here is an interesting GIS (Geographical Information Systems) based Visuals of Sri Lanka’s War on Terrorism (1981-2009) from MOD, Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka Navy’s role in war against terrorism is commendable, because

  • arms supply to LTTE through sea route was successfully cut off.
  • deployed more number of high speed smaller crafts with night vision capability to take on sea tigers of LTTE.
  • during the final phase of war, dedicated sailors sealed completely sea based escape routes of LTTE.

Three important frames from the visuals highlighting the rise and fall of terrorism in Sri Lanka for the year 1981, 2000 and May 18, 2009 are shown below:

Year 1981: Terrorism starts and spreads in the coastal areas of Sri Lanka, by LTTE.


Year 2000: more coastal areas come under control of LTTE.


May 18, 2009: Completely liberated Sri Lanka from terrorism.


To have the complete view of the visuals, log on to MOD, Sri Lanka.

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