South Africa Attempts to Rescue Beached Whales

by OldSailor on May 31, 2009


whale BBC News, Africa reported that 55 pilot whales with calves were beached at Kommetjie, near Cape Town on May 30. South African rescue teams attempted to send back 20 pilot whales and the remaining had to be put down.

Later, Reuters India reported that all the whales have died as rescue attempts failed.Though the whales were initially reported as pilot whales, later they were identified as false killer whales by National Sea Rescue Institute.

It is also reported that mass beaching of whales has taken place for the first time at Kommetjie Beach and the reasons for beaching is not known.

Read more from BBC News and Reuters.

Read from Wikipedia about Pilot Whale and False Killer Whale.

View some video clips:

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