Floating Jetty Valiant for Astute Submarines of Royal Navy

by OldSailor on May 25, 2009


Floating Jetty Valiant of the Royal Navy arrived at HM Naval Base Clyde on May 19.

Some interesting features of floating jetty Valiant are: Astute_launch

  • A sophisticated berthing facility for the Royal Navy’s next generation of nuclear-powered Astute Class submarines, the largest and most powerful attack submarines of the Royal Navy.
  • Can also accommodate any of the Royal Navy’s nuclear-powered, conventionally-armed submarines.
  • The jetty can float up and down with the tide to provide significant operational benefits.
  • Took five years to plan, five years to build, and is designed to be in service for the next 50 years.
  • Built and floated from Inchgreen dry dock in Greenock.
  • The floating jetty was towed 12 miles to Faslane by five tugs and took around six hours to complete the journey.
  • The floating jetty is 200 metres long, 28 metres wide, over 10 metres deep and 44,000 tonnes.
  • The floating jetty’s length is comparable to the Royal Navy’s current aircraft carriers and is more than twice the tonnage.
  • Cost: £150 million

Here is a photograph of floating jetty Valiant under tow.


All the above photographs are from the Royal Navy.

View more photographs and read more from the Royal Navy.

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