Shomudro Torongo in the Ganges Delta by Royal Navy and Bangladesh Navy

by OldSailor on May 21, 2009


The Royal Navy and the Bangladesh Navy conducted Exercise ‘Shomudro Torongo’ in the Ganges Delta this month. The exercise was aimed to combat terrorism and to gain expertise in natural disaster management. It may be recalled that Bangladesh was also a victim of Cyclone Nargis on May 02 and 03, 2008.

Some interesting features of ‘Shomudro Torongo’ are:  Kutubdia_island

  • ‘Shomudro Torongo’ means ‘Sea Waves’ in Bengali language.
  • Five-day joint exercise was conducted from April 29 to May 03 off Kutubdia island, located in the most complicated waterways and coastlines in the world.
  • The first major joint exercise in more than a decade, conducted between the Royal Navy and the Bangladesh Navy.
  • The Royal Navy participation
    • Amphibious assault ship HMS Bulwark landed Royal Marines ashore into the Ganges Delta and supported them from sea
    • Fast boats and landing craft from 4 and 539 Assault Squadrons Royal Marines
    • Anti-ambush drills, patrolling and the insertion and extraction of observation posts by Charlie Company, 40 Commando
    • Support tanker RFA Wave Ruler off the coast with a Merlin maritime patrol helicopter from 820 Naval Air Squadron embarked to offer essential CASEVAC (casualty evacuation) support as well as assistance in intelligence gathering
    • The crew of HMS Bulwark also went to Ali Akbardeil village on Kutubdia island to help in the construction and handing over of a multi-purpose community house
  • The Bangladesh Navy participation
    • BNS Kapatakhaya, an Island Class offshore patrol vessel and other vessels
    • A tour of the flagship HMS Bulwark
    • Also helicopters, Air Force assets and Army Commandos took part including intelligence agencies, police, coastguard
  • The joint exercise included an air defence exercise, fire-fighting drills, ship maneuvering serials.

Here is a photograph of ‘Shomudro Torongo’ from the Royal Navy.

A Royal Navy Merlin helicopter flies over the BNS Kapatakhaya.


View more photographs of ‘Shomudro Torongo’ from MOD, UK.

Read more from The Royal Navy, UK in Bangladesh.

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