Lenin: World’s First Nuclear Icebreaker of Russia to Become a Museum and Hotel

by OldSailor on May 20, 2009


MurmanskWorld’s first civilian nuclear powered icebreaker Lenin of Russia is finally getting ready to become a museum and hotel. The vessel arrived at the port of Murmansk on May 05 as her final destination for conversion into a museum. She was previously  undergoing decommissioning at nearby Atomflot’s facility.

The vessel will be turned into an Information Center and a Museum of the Arctic Region and the Development of the Northern Sea Route. Maintenance of the ship would cost about 30 million rubles per year (about $900,000).

Some interesting features of Lenin are:

  • The preparation to construct the vessel was started on Aug 24 1956.
  • The ship was launched on December 5, 1957.
  • Undergone sea trials in the Gulf of Finland in Sept-Dec 1959.
  • Was officially accepted for service on December 3 1959.

  • Vessel particulars
    • Length: 134 metresfirst_nuclear_icebreaker_lenin
    • Beam: 27.6 metres
    • Height: 16.1 metres
    • Max speed: 18 knots
    • Displacement: 16,000 metric tons without ballast
    • Propulsion by three DC motors driving three screw propellers
  • Had two serious accidents in 1965 and 1967 onboard.
  • The vessel was initially fitted with three OK-150 pressurized water reactors producing 90 MW each. Due to operational problems including a partial core melt in 1965, the units were replaced by two OK-900 units producing 171 MW each.
  • Remained in service for 30 years in the Northern Sea Route, breaking ice for container ships to navigate.
  • During this period, escorted a total of 3,741 transport ships.
  • Voyage covered a total of 654,400 nautical miles, including 560,600 nautical miles in ice.

View photographs of Lenin from RIA Novosti.

View an amazing video clip of Lenin in Nixon In Leningrad, USSR 1959/7/30.

Read more from Russia Today.

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