Sea Piracy: MV Farah III in the Hands of Sea Tigers of Sri Lanka

by OldSailor on May 18, 2009


LTTE that started as a freedom struggle movement, later became a terrorist movement. The Sea Tigers of LTTE were actively involved in sea piracy also. LTTE is reported to have hijacked the following vessels and killed the crew members out side the waters of Sri Lanka:

  • MV Irish Mona – August 1995MV_Farah3_past
  • MV Princess Wave – August 1996
  • MV Athena – May 1997
  • MV Misen – July 1997
  • MV Morang Bong – July 1997
  • MV Cordiality – September 1997
  • MV Princess Kash – August 1988
  • MV Sik Yang – reported missing May 25, 1999
  • MV Farah III – December 2006 – crew members were released

Here is the past and present of MV Farah III in the hands of Sea Tigers of Sri Lanka.

The Past, 2006:

  • On December 23, 2006, MV Farah III Jordanian ship carrying 14,000 tons of Indian rice developed engine trouble, 17 miles off the coast of Mullaittivu.
  • Sea Tigers of LTTE in six boats intercepted the vessel, scared the ship’s crew by firing towards the vessel and boarded the vessel.
  • Forcibly detached the anchor and the vessel ran aground close to one nautical mile off the coast at Mullaittivu.
  • 25 member ship’s crew were detained by the Sea Tigers and later handed over to ICRC on December 25 at Kilinochchi.
  • LTTE never allowed the vessel owners to salvage the vessel.
  • LTTE robbed all the 14,000 tons of rice, and removed all radio communication, navigational equipment including radar and generators from the vessel for their operations.
  • Even the ships superstructure was dismantled and taken for other fabrication activities in their organization.
  • The vessel was converted as a watch tower and as a platform to launch attacks on advancing Sri Lanka security forces, during the war on terrorism.

Here is the photograph of MV Farah III crew being handed over to ICRC


View more photographs from Peace in Sri Lanka and read more from The Hindu.

The Present, 2009:

Sri Lanka Army captured the abandoned MV Farah III on May 16. From the photographs of MOD, Sri Lanka it can be observed how the ship’s hull has been cut to use the steel for other fabrication activities of LTTE.



View MV Farah III in the background, from this video news clip from BBC: Sri Lanka army ‘controls coast’

For more photographs, log on to MOD, Sri Lanka.

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