La Gomera of Canary Islands Communicates in Whistle Language Silbo Gomero

by OldSailor on May 11, 2009


whistle How to communicate in an island if there is no mobile phone or sat-phone or internet ?

How to communicate and call someone for help in case of an emergency ?

Here is whistle language ‘Silbo Gomero’ used by islanders of La Gomera in Canary Islands to communicate.

Some interesting features of whistle language Silbo Gomero are:La_Gomera

  • was used as a language to communicate with fellow islanders easily across the island’s valleys who are two to three kilometres  away.
  • was used as communication medium from 15th century.
  • now with the availability of electronic communication networks, the whistle language is losing its significance.
  • to revive the whistle language, the local government in La Gomera has made it compulsory for all the children on the island to study it, in elementary schools.
  • the government has also applied to UNESCO to have the tradition protected.
  • islanders who know the whistle language are called Silbador.

View some interesting video clips:

If you are interested to learn the whistle language, log on to: Learn Silbo Gomero

Read more from BBC News: Canary Island whistles again

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