Henry Hudson Voyages and Google Maps Help to Explore New York-Dutch History

by OldSailor on May 6, 2009


Henry_Hudson_400 On May 04, the Henry Hudson 400 (HH 400) Foundation inaugurated a revolutionary map project on their website to explore New York-Dutch History with Henry Hudson Voyages and Google Maps. HH 400 helps us to know the 17th century exploration and the history of the early Dutch settlement of New York with the help of 21st century digital mapping technology provided by Google.

On April 4,1609 Captain Henry Hudson in his ship Half Moon sailed from Amsterdam harbor to find a shorter route to Asia and accidentally reached New York. HH 400, a nonprofit foundation commemorates the 400th anniversary of Henry Hudson’s arrival in New York in 1609.

Some interesting features of exploring the voyages of Henry Hudson with Google Maps from HH 400 are:

  • HH 400 has overlaid the rare maps and documents from the National Archives of the Netherlands in the Google maps in the same areas.
  • Google Maps offers powerful, user-friendly mapping technology and local business information in the context of satellite imagery, street level imagery, and user-contributed content.
  • Along with the historic voyages, these interactive maps are integrated with photos and 3-D models of Hudson’s ship, the Half Moon, and rich historical information.
  • Users can click on the maps to discover the 17th century facts about the first New Yorkers as well as today’s New Yorkers.
  • Users can visually navigate and explore the historical, cultural and economic ties between the Netherlands and the United States with cutting edge techniques. Henry_Hudson_Google_Maps
  • The maps are useful to:
    • Students, teachers and history buffs to trace historic voyages and learn the captivating details of exploration.
    • New Yorkers, both natives and newcomers, to trace their Dutch DNA or their ancestry in the earliest settlers as well as learn about the newest New Yorkers.
    • Environmentalists to trace the coastlines of the 17th century and read about climate change through the years.
    • Culture seekers can use the guide with key links to the major events of the 2009 Henry Hudson commemoration, including the Glory of Dutch Bulbs at The New York Botanical Garden, a transatlantic Job Swap, The New Amsterdam Trail, and the H209 international water forum.
  • Users can also upload stories of their own American or Dutch ancestry.

Read more about Henry Hudson from Wikipedia.

View the interactive maps from Henry Hudson 400.

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