MT Granba in Distress: Overloaded with Sulphuric Acid off Sri Lanka Coast

by OldSailor on April 7, 2009


MT Granba, overloaded with sulphuric acid is in distress off Trincomalee, Sri Lanka Coast. mt_granba_in_distress

The developments are:

  • The vessel sailed from Tuticorin on April 02 with sulphuric acid in an overloaded condition and was heading to Kakinada.
  • During the passage, sulphuric acid started leaking into ballast tanks.
  • The vessel raised a distress message for assistance off Trincomalee, on April 06.
  • Sri Lanka Navy (SLN) immediately responded to the message, boarded the vessel and found that her cargo tanks were damaged.
  • The crew have abandoned their vessel and SLN rescued them.
  • To avoid environmental damage to Sri Lanka coast, the vessel is being towed to deep sea with the help of the SLPA tug.
  • The vessel has already begun to list and the salvage operation is still continuing.
  • Agents of the vessel are making arrangement to provide a salvage tug for possible towing.

Vessel particulars and photographs are at Vesseltracker and Marine Traffic.

Read more from Sri Lanka Navy press release.

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Update: April 10

MT Granba was towed to midsea, away from Sri Lanka waters by SLPA Tug. Now it is further reported that the vessel has sunk on April 09,  some 80 nautical miles away from Trincomalee when the shipping agents were towing the ship. Read more from Daily Mirror and Sri Lanka News First.

The rescued vessel crew are expected to depart Sri Lanka for Turkey on April 14.  Read more from Xinhua News.

Update: April 11

MT Granba: The 1983-built chemical products tanker was managed and operated by Turkey’s Ortak Denizcilik Sanayi while its registered owner was Kadir Colak Denizcilik Turizm. Also,the Sri Lanka’s Marine Environment Protection Authority is planning to take legal action against the Turkish ship owners. The vessel sank with approximately 6,500 tonnes of sulphuric acid off Trincomalee, Sri Lanka. Read more from Daily Mirror.

Update: April 12

To be more specific, the vessel sank with 6250 metric tonnes of sulphuric acid before a salvage vessel from Greece arrived on the scene. Read more from Lanka Business Online.

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