MV City of Dublin under ICRC Flag on Humanitarian Mission in Sri Lanka

by OldSailor on April 3, 2009


ICRC_1 MV City of Dublin, a cargo ship sailing under the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) flag is on humanitarian mission in Sri Lanka.

Some interesting features of the humanitarian mission by MV City of Dublin on April 01 are:

  • The vessel carried a composition of mixed food commodities more than 1029 metric tons in addition to urgently required medical items, emergency health kits and shelter kits.
  • The essential cargo is for distribution to the Tamil civilians entrapped in the Mullaithivu region.
  • Sri Lanka Navy assists in the loading and unloading of the ship cargo and also provides safe passage to the cargo ship sailing under the ICRC flag.
  • The Sri Lanka Navy carried out the humanitarian mission at the request of the Commissioner General of Essential Services.
  • The Sri Lanka Government has taken the initiative to send food, medicine and other essential items in ship-loads to un-cleared areas.

Here are the photographs from Sri Lanka Navy: MV City of Dublin assisted by Sri Lanka Navy.

MV_City_of_Dublin_1 MV_City_of_Dublin_2

Here is the video clip: MV City of Dublin on ICRC Mission in Sri Lanka

For more details and photographs, log on to Sri Lanka Navy.

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